In 90 Seconds, You Can Start Transforming Your Organization

Your FREE trial begins with an email address and your organization’s name (no credit card)

Here is what to expect over the next 30 days:

  • Sign Up - Free Trial

    To get started, you (as the account owner) will provide some basic information, add an email address for each of your direct reports, and customize a welcome message to them. Owner: 90 Seconds

  • Onboard

    Each of your direct reports will receive a welcome email with your message. They will be asked to provide the same basic information, and this simple process repeats to get everyone added to your organization. Everyone: 90 seconds

  • Listen - Preparation

    Every three days, each person will receive a single question about how prepared they are to succeed at work. Each of the three questions can be answered with just one touch. It’s really simple for them because they simply choose the option that most closely represents their experience. Everyone: 30 seconds

  • Understand - Preparation

    Managers will receive a personalized org chart with the feedback from their teams, visualized with color and any follow up comments for context. Your managers will understand their teams like never before. Managers: 15 minutes

  • Transform - Preparation

    Based on what is learned from the experience feedback, the system is optimized to provide coaching for each person and situation. Principles will be applied. Problems will be solved. Positive influence will be multiplied. Everyone: 5-30 minutes

  • Upgrade?

    After your organization has completed Preparation, you will have the opportunity to continue on with the rest of the D6 Experiences: Contribution, Appreciation, Significance, Connection, and Growth for $3/person per month. You will be able to see the leadership effectiveness needle moving because of the continuous measurement over time.

    We offer Preparation free of charge for two reasons. First, we want to live in a world where every employee is prepared to succeed at work. Second, we’re betting on ourselves. We think Dulead will make a significant impact and you’ll want to keep going. Of course, that’s your decision in a month or so. Owner: 60 seconds

Owner: 30 minutes

  • Experience Questions
  • Org Chart
  • Organization Results

Managers: 60 minutes

  • Experience Questions
  • Org Chart
  • Coaching

Everyone Else: 10 minutes

  • Experience Questions
  • Coaching

These times are provided as an estimate for each month. Individuals may pursue additional follow up actions.