Core Six

$5/Person Monthly

No credit card required until Preparation is complete and you choose to continue.

Use Dulead to develop leadership in everyone at your organization. You will Listen to your people, Understand their feedback, and Improve each of the Core Six Dimensions of Leadership Effectiveness, focused on one dimension per month and completing each twice per year.

  • Preparation
  • Contribution
  • Appreciation
  • Significance
  • Connection
  • Growth

Onboarding is really simple. When you’re ready to invite your team, you can write a note to explain what’s going on, and we just need an email address for each of your Direct Reports. Your organization will be automagically built from there. We provide help and context for everyone along the way.


Free Forever

No credit card required.

Other than only working on Preparation, which is the first and most fundamental of the Core Six Dimensions of Effective Leadership, everything else about your Dulead experience is the exact same as our paid account.

Your organization will focus on Preparation for about one month two times per year. Plus, we’ll keep it top-of-mind in between also.

Don’t worry – you can start improving the rest of the Core Six at any time.